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Antigen Plus launches Version 8.5

The best just got even better. All of our user-friendly features are enhanced and many new ones added.

Cloud or local data storage (or both) is your choice in in Antigen Plus Version 8.5

Whether you maintain your data locally or in the Cloud — you just log into the app on your workstation and run your panels.

Commercial Panels Are Now Electronically Validated

It is no longer necessary to print your lots out to compare them with most manufacturer’s antigrams–we check them all for you.


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Peter Rowny, Creator of Antigen Plus, Retires

A brilliant pioneer in Visual Basic programming for Windows, Peter created Antigen Plus in 1993 at the behest of an old friend who was a resident at Johns Hopkins and with the advice of the reference laboratory team there. Further refinement took place over the next year at the National Laboratory for Blood Group Serology of the American Red Cross and Antigen Plus was subsequently adopted by most of the AABB accredited and Red Cross reference labs across the United States. In 1998, with the guidance of Dawn Rumsey, ART (CSMLT), Peter developed an algorithm for Antigen Plus that enabled the less experienced blood bank technician to perform in seconds the logic that took minutes for the experienced blood bank specialist, and thus took Antigen Plus from an essential tool for reference laboratories to a universal application for the transfusion service. In 2011, Antigen Plus realized the necessity of responding to innovations in the software world that would enable us to improve the performance, stability, and universality of the program while meeting the heightened security concerns of most IT departments. To accomplish this we began a search for a programmer who had proven skills and experience in this environment and had as uncanny an ability as Peter had to think like a blood banker. Stuart Malone of Llamagraphics was ultimately our choice and after a three year transition period, Peter is finally beginning other journeys in life. I am confident that everyone who uses Antigen Plus will join me in wishing Peter the best and thanking him for his creative and innovative contribution to the world of antibody identification.

LLamagraphics—the new programming partner of Antigen Plus

Stuart Malone (BS in Computer Science from MIT) and Catherine White (BA in Astronomy and Physics from Wellesley) provide state of the art programing services across a host of platforms and languages. Stuart is responsible for moving Antigen Plus on to a SQL Server platform and creating our Cloud based version. He is currently working on enhanced interconnectivity with other systems and databases.
More information can be found at LLamagraphics

Some of the enhanced features of Antigen Plus for Windows 7/8/10

  • Saving more time than ever, commercial red cell panel validation is now done our end—no more need to print and validate on yours
  • All users can log in with Windows Authentication or passwords and records of all saved work are maintained by user
  • Comprehensive test panels provided for validation of rule-out procedures
  • The first 30 days are free, so click on the Download Free Trial tab