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Download Antigen Plus Trial

In order to run Antigen Plus Version 8, you must be running Windows Vista or later (Windows 7 or 8) and you must have .NET Framework 4.6.1 or later.  The general download page is: This page links to an offline installer which can be placed on CD or USB key and installed without an internet connection. Once you have met these requirements, the demonstration software, downloadable below, will install easily and you can check out all the features of Antigen Plus.  All patient data are encrypted and not visible to anyone but you. Thank you for trying out Antigen Plus software.  Please click on the link below to begin your software download.

Download free trial  NOT FOR 7.5 USERS.

(initial download requires Internet Explorer )

Our trial is for the Cloud edition of Antigen Plus Version 8.  If you are using Version 7.5 and wish to add a user or reinstall the application, please contact us at  Do not download unless you wish to upgrade to Version 8.  Once you have evaluated the program, you may choose to continue in the Cloud or switch to the version that will use a database on your server.  Please note that the password you choose must contain at least 8 characters.