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Designed in 1993 at Johns Hopkins University Hospital by Michael Lankiewicz, MD and Peter Rowny, Antigen Plus was enhanced to interpret test results in 1998.  The upgrade, programmed by Peter Rowny was designed by Dawn Rumsey with consultation from Marian Reed and Marylin Moulds.

Peter Rowny is a veteran of the U.S. Army Special Forces and has 30 years of experience programming solutions for business and scientific needs.  He currently resides in Bethesda Maryland where he is a Hall of Fame platelet and white cell donor at the National Institutes of Health.

Alan Martinson has been president of Rowny Systems (dba Antigen Plus) since 1993 and has managed the sale and distribution of Antigen Plus in the US, Canada, England, Brazil, Australia, and Israel.

Peter and Alan personally handle technical support for Antigen Plus with consultation from Dawn on complex serology issues.